Litigation can prove to be expensive and time-consuming. The involvement of experts can and will greatly decrease the expense and time spent on a case. That is why our lawyers are well prepared at every trial. They know every aspect of the case and all the associated documents. In addition, our knowledge and experience and understanding of the local laws, regulations and culture give us a competitive advantage and guarantee the best representation for clients.

Al Naqbi & Partners’ litigation division is composed of highly qualified jurists with various and comprehensive expertise and many years of practice. Our litigation division pleads and defends clients in all proceedings and cases in which we are legally assigned as attorneys before all judicial authorities in the U.A.E., whether as plaintiffs or defendants, and before all courts of different types and levels.

Our lawyers have combined experience of more than 30 years in handling and managing significant, complex and high-profile litigation for all kinds of commercial, civil and criminal cases which includes commercial and trade disputes, property matters, employment disputes, family disputes, banking matters, civil claims for medical malpractices.